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Not just never again.

Never again to anyone else.

Each of our pillars is focused on offering opportunities to resolve conflict through restorative principles. After individuals have experienced the benefits of RJ/TJ practices they are invited to participate with us to lead circles or spread the message:  organizing, educating the community, educating legislators, non-partisan voter registration, training, lobbying, and research.


Evidence has shown that many people, media outlets, and organizations throughout Oklahoma have not heard about restorative justice. Of our clients, over 70% of them have never participated in an RJ process or have slightly experienced a similar process. We are addressing this by cultivating community advocates, creating a framework for community advocates, and working closely with local district/state legislators and Oklahoma Tribal Nations to ensure all voices are heard and state policy is designed with restorative practices in mind.

3 Point Advocacy Cycle.png

The personal cycle supports individuals in becoming more restorative with themselves first. This looks like setting clear boundaries, what to do when a boundary has been crossed, and how to be restorative with oneself. Our coaching and 1-1 support for circles is grounded in Internal Family Systems (IFS). Once one understands the importance of acting restorative with themselves first, it becomes quite natural to practice restorative principles with others — hence the interpersonal cycle — and where restorative practices come to life. This is important because individuals understand why a number of systems are punitive in nature and how they unknowingly uphold them.


The interpersonal cycle offers trauma-informed, culturally competent, systems-based training and consulting in restorative practices that build and restore relationships. This leads to the communal cycle where we support and equip communities to hold accountable the people who have caused harm. 

Not just never again.

Never again to anyone else.

We are connecting people to the systems that influence their experience in their local community: which municipality to reach out to depending on the need, how to reach out to local representatives and officials, ways to organize to influence, and share other aspects of restorative principles with everyone. 











95% of our clients who have experienced our transformative circles  strongly believe that restorative justice is an adequate replacement for the criminal justice system in their community.


We have recently engaged Jaimie Gua as our Policy and Advocacy Fellow who has over a decade of experience building relationships with state, tribal, and federal elected officials. We are prepared to leverage our stories and voices to make systemic change across Oklahoma. 

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Want to get involved?

We partner with the Terrence Crutcher Foundation (TCF). Our next community walk is Saturday, April 9th from 10am - 2pm. We are going to be canvassing neighborhoods, getting to know our community and their needs, and informing about restorative alternatives to conflict resolution. Canvassing is the most effective way of reaching people and we want to hear what issues are most important to our neighbors.



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