RJIOK Certified Facilitator Training

Level    1


Level 1 classes include: 


The Foundations Course - A 12-session intensive that explores the RJIOK Leadership Model and the theory grounding this culturally competent, trauma-informed, systemic approach to restorative practices. We can teach you how to lead a circle in a few hours but to be a great facilitator requires a foundational understanding of the Self and the systems of which we are a part. Our unique approach to Restorative Leadership is omni-positional and develops confidence in leading restoratively in any situation. 

Other topics included in Foundations are:

  • Restorative principles, process and values

  • Culture and punishment in the United States

  • Legacy burdens and gifts

  • Racial historical trauma and epigenetics

  • Triangulation

  • Power and Discernment

  • Identity, Cultural Competence and Restorative Process

  • Trauma and the individual System

  • Restorative dialogue coaching

  • *(when in school settings) Restorative Justice and School Discipline

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Circle Keeper Training - Circle-specific training for Circle Keepers.  Learn how to lead a Listening Circle, Community Circle, Support Circle, etc.  RJIOK Circle Keepers  partner with a L1 Foundations Trained Facilitator to lead circles. 

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Group Coaching - Free monthly hour long calls that introduce the RJIOK Leadership methodology of the Self as a system. Participants dial in to be able to listen anonymously (if they choose).  Format of the call is: Overview of Self as system, 1-1 coaching demonstration with a pre-chosen volunteer, and process debreif and questions.  These calls are recorded, sorted by topic, and will be made available for on demand access through RJIOK membership.

Level 2

Level 3


Circle Praxis - Monthly circles that focus on honing foundational skills through action/reflection.  These circles explore a specific skill or awareness that impacts circle process and is followed by a circle with participants and a debreif focused on how that particular skill showed up in real time in the circle. 

Circle Consulting - Our highly skilled facilitators support you in leading your circles until you are comfortable. 


We design specific training or train the trainer programs for your organizational/situational context.