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RJIOK Certified Facilitator Training

Level    1


Circle Keeper Training - Circle-specific training for Circle Keepers.  Introduction to support circles, conflict circles and listening circles.  RJIOK Circle Keepers  partner with a L1 Foundations Trained Facilitator to lead circles. Next Circle Keeper Training May 6, 2023 10-4 and MAy 7,1-4 location: Still She Rises Training Room in North Tulsa (608 E. 46th St. N.) Cost $500 (payment plans and cads accepted 20 participants to make the class).  Full Scholarships and we will pay you to go if you live in, work in or have a child who goes to school in  a qualifying North Tulsa Zipcode.

Group Coaching - Free ongoing monthly hour long calls that introduce the RJIOK Leadership methodology of the Self as a system. Participants dial in to be able to listen anonymously (if they choose).  Format of the call is: Overview of Self as system, 1-1 coaching demonstration with a pre-chosen volunteer, and process debrief and questions.  These calls are recorded, sorted by topic, and will be made available for on demand resource access through RJIOK membership in the future.

Level 2

Foundations Course - An 8-session intensive that explores the RJIOK Leadership Model and the theory grounding this culturally competent, trauma-informed, systemic approach to restorative practices. We can teach you how to lead a circle in a few hours but to be a great facilitator requires a foundational understanding of the Self and the systems of which we are a part. Our unique approach to Restorative Leadership is omni-positional and develops confidence in leading restoratively in any situation. 

Other topics included in Foundations are:

  • Restorative principles, process, and values

  • Culture and Punishment in the United States

  • Legacy burdens and gifts

  • Racial historical trauma and Epigenetics

  • Triangulation

  • Power and Discernment

  • Identity, Cultural Competence, and Restorative Process

  • Trauma and the Individual System

  • Restorative dialogue coaching

  • *(when in school settings) Restorative Justice and School Discipline

Level 3

1-1 Restorative Leadership Coaching- Taking an apprentanceship approach in an asynchorance format, we will help graduates of level 2 to put their learned restorative skills 

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