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Foundations Course

The Foundations Course - An 8-session intensive that explores the RJIOK Leadership Model and the theory grounding this culturally competent, trauma-informed, systemic approach to restorative practices. We can teach you how to lead a circle in a few hours but to be a great facilitator requires a foundational understanding of the Self and the systems of which we are a part. Our unique approach to Restorative Leadership is omni-positional and develops confidence in leading restoratively in any situation. 

Each 3 hour course has 16-24 participants.  Classes are divided into 3 sections: Embodied Practice/Didactic, Demonstration/Q/A, and Participant Praxis/Integration.  Each class covers a different Restorative Justice related topic and connects participants to living restoratively through the RJIOK Omni-positional Leadership Model. The RJIOK Foundations Course is taught by an interracial team of Restorative Practice Professionals.

RJIOK Professional Engagement Agreement 

RJIOK Equity Access Statement 

Graduation requirements include:

  • Participation in all 8 Zoom sessions (1 may be made up by attending another date/time cohort)

  • A one hour 1-1 scheduled praxis session with another participant per month in between each session at a time that is convenient for both of you. (partner lists formulated by facilitator and change each month).

  • A final project submission as agreed upon and graded by the instructor submitted before Graduation. 

   2023 Topics

Session #1 

Restorative Principles, Processes and Values

An exploration of the RJIOK Omni-positional Model of Leadership

and Restorative Practice

Session #2 

Power and Discernment 

Meeting Our Protectors


Session #3 

Culture and Punishment in the United States

Engaging our Protectors

Session #4 

Trauma and the Individual System

Acknowledging our Exiles

Session #5 

Identity, Cultural Competence and Restorative Process

Releasing Cultural Burdens

Session #6 

Racial Historical Trauma and Epigenetics

Legacy Burdens and Gifts

Session #7 

Differentiation and TrIangulation in the System

Self/System engagement


Session #8  

Integration: Restorative Dialogue Coaching 



Wednesday Mornings 9-12 Starting 8.16

Monday Evenings 6-9 Starting  8.28

Wednesday Mornings starting 8.11


Register for a Class

Course Fee for 2023

The fee for the year for the class is $900. 


The fee can be paid in full or in installments but full payment is expected by April 1, 2023.  The fee is not pro-rated based on how many classes are attended.  Checks are to be made payable to: RJIOK. You can also pay via Cashapp or Venmo on request.  If you need an invoice to bill an employer that can be arranged.  If you must miss your regular class for which you registered, you may attend any of the other classes that month on Zoom.  

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