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First Tuesdays @ 12PM

Restoring Self
Group Coaching

Restoring Self 

Leadership Group Coaching

If you are interested in changing the retributive nature of our society, the work begins with self. RJIOK believes that everyone and every one of our parts has value.   When we have access to our authentic self, we can lead from our values even when we are in conflict or the stakes are high. And when we can lead from our values, human systems, internal and external, begin to harmonize and develop their natural potential. This call will model how to clear the path internally to make more room for our value driven authentic self to lead.


This is a drop-in ongoing group that takes place  First Tuesdays of  every month at 12CT.   Come to share or to listen and learn. We do these on a call so that they are more anonymous and so that you can listen in on a lunch break.  You can also access on your computer with the link above. 


If you would like to be coached for this call for free please email

To add this call and the dial in information to your calendar:

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