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Home is where your humanity is… 

How can Restorative Justice help organizations to support those caught in the cycle of incarceration and homelessness?


Anyone serving or working alongside unhoused Tulsans or interested community members.  


In partnership with Housing Solutions Tulsa, RJIOK is hosting an online panel and community circle to discuss the intersection of criminal justice and the unhoused. 


THE BAIL PROJECT: Download Infographic

Support for the unhoused in Tulsa: Download 1 pager


Come learn more about the cycle of incarceration and homelessness and the ways in which the support we offer can perpetuate the very problem we are trying to solve.  How does learned helplessness impact the unhoused as well as those who serve them?  How can a restorative leadership framework in your organization break the cycle of dehumanization? Join us for the conversation. 


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