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Connect with 8-15 colleagues who are entering a new church setting as a lead minister.

Share best practices, discuss system dynamics, learn new skills.

  • Group Coaching- Each meeting will include opportunities for group coaching.  You will be able to bring context specific cases to the facilitators and to the group.

  • Supportive Assessments- Build self awareness with The Intercultural Development Inventory, Battle Klein Battle Resistance Survey, Conflict Style Survey, Strengths Assesnent, the Enneagram and The Mystical Experience Indicator.

  • Content Topics - Family and Organizational Systems, Cultural Competence and Strategy, Microagressions, Women in Leadership, Difficult Congregants, Conflict Transformation, Fundraising, Work-Life Balance, Community Engagement, Social Justice Initiatives, Stratigic vs. Intimate Relationships, Professional Boundaries, Worship Planning Strategy, Rites of Passage, Collegial Relationships, and Political Acumen.

Monthly meeting on Wednesday from 9-12 a.m. CT Sept 2021-June 2021

2 1-1's that fit your schedule (1 to get to know you and help shape content and an IDI feedback session).



Each group session will include prayer, relationship building, relevant content, case study-based group coaching with some reading/ resources to review in between.

New Ministry Context Cohort

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