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If you have been convicted of a crime, the current system seeks to separate and isolate you from information, participation, and from those whom you have harmed. You are more than your crime.  You do not have to be stuck at the moment of the worst thing you have ever done. Our classes, coaching, and mediation offer a place to connect, tell your story, take responsibility for the incident, and understand the harm that has been done so that healing can occur, reducing the likelihood of your committing another crime.

WHAT KINDS OF offenses qualify?

Restorative justice can potentially be used for any type of incident. It can help victims of low-level crime and people who have experienced the most serious offenses. Certain offenses can pose particular challenges for the restorative process, for example, sexual offenses, hate crime and domestic violence and should be handled by practitioners who have relevant skills and experience.


  • Offender Accountability/Integration Classes: in prison, in the community and teleconference/online.

  • Victim Impact Classes: in prison, in the community and teleconference/online

  • Offender Empowerment Group/Individual Coaching- teleconference/online (for offenders and their loved ones).

  • Victim Offender Mediation: for victims who want to discuss with the offender how the crime impacted them, conducted by trained mediator sensitive to the needs of victims and their families.

Our promises

1. Victim safety first.

2. Careful screening of cases.

3. Individual preparation meetings for the victim and offender.

4. Opportunity for termination of the session at any time.

5. Transparent procedures of processes.

6. Engagement with a diverse community based advisory board.

7. Regular program evaluation and opportunities for feedback.

8. Highly skilled and ethical mediator.

9. Six months of follow up from mediator. 

10. Ongoing opportunities for program engagement post mediation.

What is Restorative Justice?

What is Restorative Justice?

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"Justice Is What Love looks like in Public"

-Cornel West

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