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Community Resource Manual



National Association of Community and Restorative Justice


Prison Policy Initiative


Oklahoma Victim Services Resources

Restorative Justice On The Rise


Mark Yantzi tells the Elmira Story - "If something hasn't been done before, how does a new idea get in?"

Restorative Practices to Resolve Conflict/Build Relationships: Katy Hutchison at TEDxWestVancouverED (2013)

Restorative Justice in a Nutshell - RJOY

Fania Davis Keynote Address at the 2014 Beyond the Bars: Breaking Through Conference at Columbia University

Law's Middle Way: Mindfulness and Restorative Justice -  Sujatha Baliga.   A clear view of the fabric in which RJ rests, along with hope for healing trauma.

Spear Cleansing

The art of listening | Kathleen Macferran | TEDxRainier (2015)

Restorative Justice | Laila Fakhoury | TEDxLSSC

Daniel Reisel: The neuroscience of restorative justice




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