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Second Tuesdays @ 12PM

Group Coaching

Restoring Health

Group Coaching

We believe the health of your system benefits most when all parts are working together

toward healing.  If you are having pain or health issues, trying to navigate new medicines or diagnoses, or self-medicating in ways that are also causing harm, consider our group coaching to decrease pain and gain clarity so that you can more consciously participate and advocate for your own plan for healing.  


Our model is grounded in IFS (Internal Family Systems) which is has also been proven to reduce pain and inflammation.  (Read the study here.)

This is a drop-in ongoing group that takes place  Second Tuesdays of  every month at 12CT. We introduce the model we use, offer a demonstration of the tools  and create an opportunity for questions. We do these on a call so that they are more anonymous and so that you can listen in on a lunch break.  You can also access on your computer with the link above. 


If you would like to be coached for this call for free please email

Add this call and the dial in information to your calendar below:

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